Trailer Parking

Space rental is $47 per month, with a $50 refundable deposit for a Highport trailer tongue lock.  Deposit is refunded when tongue lock and key are returned in good, working order.  Highport will retain a master key for each lock on file.  Trailer storage spaces are assigned by Highport on a first-come, first-serve basis.


For more information, contact us directly at 903.462.0728 or by email at


Space rental rate is $47 per month with a $50 deposit for the trailer tongue lock. Limit: One trailer per space with one trailer tongue-lock and key provided. Highport staff will retain a master key for each lock on file.

Trailer spaces will be assigned at the Highport Marina administration office. Visit our Sr. Administrative Assistant/Receptionist (Sharon DuBose) to sign your trailer storage lease agreement. 

For more information, contact our main office at 903-786-7000, ext 3810.


Lease Agreement


  • Gate Entry: In the interest of all, the trailer storage lot entry gate will be secured by a keypad lock and a code that will change on a quarterly basis. Tenants will be notified by email when the code changes.
  • Damage to Tenant’s Trailer: Highport Marina is not liable for any damage to Tenant’s trailer, any property therein or appurtenant thereto, or any other property of Tenant, which arises from perils against which Tenant may obtain insurance excepting for the negligence or willful acts of Highport Marina. Tenant agrees and understands that unless caused by the negligence, fraudulent, willful or illegal act of Highport Marina, its agents or employees, Highport Marina assumes no liability for the loss or damage by theft, fire, vandalism, malicious mischief, wind, water, act of God or otherwise to said vessel or any other personal property or contents thereof placed with Highport Marina for storage, or brought on Highport Marina premises by or on behalf of the Tenant or his invitees. It is Tenant’s obligation to obtain and maintain the broadcast available form of property damage insurance in amounts, which Tenant deems sufficient to cover any loss or damage to such property.
  • Tenant Responsibility: Tenant is responsible for all tire/wheel/rim and license plate security. Tenant is responsible for providing a photo that clearly identifies trailer for Highport’s files.
  • Term: The Lease Term shall automatically renew from year to year, unless Marina or Tenant has provided thirty (30) day prior written notice to the other of its intent to vacate before the end of the term; provided however, in no event shall the Lease Term exceed the term of the Army Corps Lease. If the notice of intent to vacate is not received by the Marina, and Tenant vacates, Tenant will be monetarily responsible for the remainder of the Lease Term. Should the tenant’s slip lease terminate prior to the Trailer Parking lease and the tenant is current and in good standing with Marina, the Trailer Parking lease will be terminated provided thirty (30) days written notice is provided by Tenant to Marina. Marina reserves the right to a marina-wide base rental increase, not more than once annually, with notice to all Tenants of such increase.
  • Trailer Tongue Lock and Key Deposit: A $50.00 deposit is required for all Tenant trailer storage. If the Trailer Tongue Lock and Key are returned undamaged, with reasonable wear and tear, the $50.00 deposit will be refunded. Should the Trailer Tongue Lock and/or Key be damaged or lost, Tenant will forfeit the $50.00 deposit. Notice: Lake Texoma is a flood control lake, and is subject to flooding and low water conditions. During these times, please contact the Marina office to stay apprised of the lake condition and the safety of your property.
  • Highport Marina reserves the right to repurpose this facility at its discretion with a 30-day notice.