Food and Beverage

Hour of Operations

Fridays 11am-midnight
Saturdays 11am-1am
Sundays 11am-10pm


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Hour of Operations

Fri – Sun 8am-2pm

Breakfast served Fri – Sun 8am-2pm

Omelet and Bloody Mary Bars on Saturdays and Sundays 8am-2pm


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Open to the public

Mo’s To Go

AND, for the first time ever, we’re offering a Mo’s To Go Menu to give you the ultimate lake-living experience. Simply call ahead before you plan to arrive at the lake, and we’ll have all your food prepared for your stay. Call on Wednesday prior to the weekend to ensure availability. The Mo’s To Go Menu features:

Breakfast Boat Boxes

Lunch Boat Boxes

Snack Boxes

Fruit Trays

Cheese Trays

Sandwich Trays

With Mo’s To Go, there’s no need to cook ahead for your weekends at the lake! We’ll do it all for you. Order Mo’s To Go by calling 903-786-7659.


Mo’s Grill is also available for dinner and evening parties of 30 – 70 guests. Make Mo’s Grill your venue for your next bridal shower, birthday party, rehearsal dinners, or family gathering! Call us at 903-786-7659 to make your reservation.