Boat Ramp


  • 4 Lane Paved Boat Ramp.
  • Plenty of Parking.
  • Lighted and Open 24 Hours a Day.
  • Courtesy Load/Unload Pier.

Launch Fees

  • Day Use – $10.00
  • Highport Members – FREE

Boat Ramp Etiquette

Launching in the least amount of time possible keeps everyone happy, and gets things underway quickly. We have all been in line and have experienced those who wait until the last minute to take the straps off, unhook the bow, put the plug in, or just simply can’t back a boat in a forty acre field.

All the previous actions can be done while waiting in line. Of course there’s nothing wrong with leaving the bow tied down on a steep ramp, but the others should be done while waiting. Speaking of steep ramps, most don’t realize that once you’re on the downgrade of the ramp, you can take your vehicle out of reverse and into drive to keep from sliding when you touch your brakes. The boat will pull the tow vehicle back, and only minimum braking is necessary, this prevents most of the slipping and sliding.

Also remember that there is absolutely no need for headlights when backing up. The person waiting to launch, or launching at the same time, can’t see a thing when headlights are hitting him straight in the face. For those few that don’t know, the daytime lights on most newer tow vehicles can be turned off by simply clicking the emergency brake one time or the override button of the driving lights on the dash.