Letter from the President

From the President

Dear Highport Marina members,

I’d like to let you know about all the fast paced and exciting things happening at Highport Marina. As many of you well know, the last two seasons have been difficult on all of us from the historic drought of 2014 to the devastating floods of 2015, and have left our marina in need of a number of repairs and replacements.

We are committed to reclaim, restore and remodel all facilities for a better Highport Marina. We are well on our way to restoring our beloved marina — many construction activities have already commenced and others will be undertaken promptly. The list below reflects the items that we have already committed to in efforts to restore the marina as quickly as possible.

Island Bar & Grill – Bockus Payne Architects and RK Construction Company have commenced the Flood Reclamation/Restoration project at “The Island” and are currently on schedule for a reopening on or near May 1st.

Breakwater System – We have concluded a thorough investigation of the old breakwater system performance and an evaluation of numerous potential new breakwater systems, as well as completion of engineering processes to make certain we have the best system in the most effective location.

In addition, we have contracted Marine Development Inc. (MDI) to completely replace the existing old and damaged breakwater system with a state-of-the-art, low profile, double concrete panel, twin galvanized I beam, encapsulated flotation, wave attenuator system in a more effective wave breaking location. MDI has completed detailed engineered plans and started initial fabrication of the more than 1,050 lineal feet of new breakwater system and are on target to start the installation process on or near June 15th with completion of entire system by early August.

I will be sending a more detailed report with the engineered plans and diagrams to better inform you of the specifics related to the new wave attenuator system in the coming weeks. Until then, we will be doing all we can with the old breakwater system to minimize potential damage.

On Water Repairs – We have several contractors, including Plyler Construction, Walsh Electric, RK Construction, Gabriel’s Painting, etc., along with our Construction and Maintenance Division crews working diligently on our catalogued “Master On-Water Repairs List”. Repairs to boathouses (roofing, gangways, decks, gates, locks, flotation, signage, etc.) are underway and will continue until we have completed all repairs.

Property Pole Lighting – Plyler Construction (Electrical Division) has begun the process of repairs and replacement of all on-property pole lighting with LED shore side fixtures that will provide a safer, brighter and more uniform lighting to shoreline and boathouse gangways.

Roads and Parking Lot Repairs – We have contracted A-1 Asphalt and Paving to make necessary repairs to existing asphalt and chip and seal roads, as well as gravel parking lots.

Sea Wall Repairs – We have contracted AIM Paving & Construction to make necessary repairs to the sea wall from The Island to the Puerto Del Sol Boathouse. They have started the removal of the old wall and paver system, and will install 350 tons of rip rap and boulder stone along entire shoreline to provide a uniform limestone 3:1 slope to protect against further erosion and movement. They will also complete any and all needed repairs to retaining wall systems around The Island and Big Blue.

Fuel System Repairs and Replacement – We have contracted with W 2 Plus to replace the old in-ground fuel tank and pumping system that was destroyed by the flood infiltration with a state-of-the-art, self-containment, above-ground combination tank and pump system that will provide us with three types of fuel (unleaded, diesel and premium).

The above ground tank and pumping systems will be provided by Convault, the leading manufacturer of above-ground fuel tanks and pumping systems. This project, too, is already underway with completion scheduled for May 1st.

Boathouse and Gangway Signage – We are in the process of renaming each and every boathouse now that the movement of boathouses is complete. We will send each of you a master boathouse diagram with signage illustrations detailing the re-lettering system for each boathouse. We will commence replacement of old boathouse and gangway signage on or near April 1st and complete installation by April 30th.

Other Major Projects in Planning – Big Blue Facility Renovation, Service Center, Travel Lift and Maintenance Facility Repairs, New Boathouses etc.

We have committed several millions to the restoration and reclamation process, and have several more millions in repairs that will follow. We have prioritized and are currently progressing with major project items that affect the vast majority of our members first, such as The Island, road/parking repairs, fuel system repairs, property lighting, sea wall repairs, breakwater system replacement, etc.

All of these items are currently committed to and actively affect nearly every member or guest in some manner. We certainly understand that there are also countless repairs needed that affect individuals or specific groups of individuals that also need to be undertaken and completed. These items are being gathered and added regularly to our master list and will be undertaken in a systematic, priority-based order once all the major projects have been completed.

Please understand that we will get to all items, large to small, based upon those that affect the most members to those that affect the least.

In an effort to be more responsive to needed maintenance and repairs items, we have also divided our property management and maintenance staff into three groups to try our very best to provide you with the fastest response and remedy time possible under the current situation:

  • construction division
  • maintenance and repair division
  • marina services division

Our in-house staff, along with additional contracted services companies, are doing all they can to react to your needs in a timely fashion. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this extremely exciting time as we all work diligently toward a better Highport Marina.

Thank you for making Highport Marina your marina of choice! We promise to do all we can to make you proud!


Gerald “Dee” Greninger
Highport Marina