Highport Helm – June 3, 2016


Highport Members,

It’s Friday, and welcome to the weekend! With all the recent rainfall, we wanted to let you know that lake levels at lake Texoma have risen. The Army Corps of Engineers is forecasting a lake level of 626.3 by Tuesday, June 7th. While they cannot open the flood gates due to downstream flooding, we have plenty of experience with rising lake levels and are making the necessary preparations for the marina.

As lake levels approach 624′ today, we have taken the following proactive precautions:

  • The service slab has been evacuated.
  • The dock septic systems have been drained, and we request that you not use them until further notice.
  • We have initiated the Water Taxi service. The following docks will need to use the Water Taxi to access your docks: J, K, ZF, ZC, ZD and ZE.
  • We will close The Island restaurant at 5:00 PM on Saturday so that we can make assessments and prepare for the temporary removal of inventory, furniture and fixtures, if needed.

Road Conditions

Please note that the road past N Dock toward the sailboat docks has begun to hold water. If you do plan to come out to Highport, please stay apprised of lake levels and road conditions. Remember, at a lake level of 626′, the road to Tanglewood becomes impassible.

The Days Ahead

With the upcoming dry, sunny weather, we are not expecting this to be an extended high water event, so:

  • water and electricity service to docks will NOT be shut off
  • the Fuel Dock will continue operating as usual, as we are in no danger of losing fuel service due to our new above-ground fuel system!

Your Highport Management team will continue watching water levels closely and will stay in communication with the local ACOE office. We will advise you of any changes in the forecast levels as they become available.

As always, if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Christie Bliss (903-462-0722) or Jim Guth (903-462-0714) – we’re here to help.