Highport Helm – July 14, 2016


Greetings Highport Members,

Please take the time to read about our latest updates, events and this week’s featured slip!

Boat Christening at ZK Dock!

ZK Dock conducted their annual boat christening over the weekend. If you’ve spent your summers at Highport within the last 10 years, then you probably noticed an interesting event on ZK dock. Some of you may have even idled your boats to watch the event.

Every year, ZK dock members host a traditional boat christening for new members as well as current members who bought new boats over the past year. This annual event brings the dock members together and fosters good boating practices, camaraderie, and team building. The next time you are at Highport, head over to ZK dock and ask them about how they honor our Nation’s soldiers with this annual event.


Featured Slip: C-18 Docko

This docko not only has a fabulous location and view, but also tons of premium amenities, including:

  • 50×18 improved slip & docko
  • 6,000 lb HydroHoist
  • New water heater
  • Recently serviced AC
  • Upgraded refrigerator
  • New dishwasher
  • New faucets
  • Couch, chairs, kitchen table, beds and side tables
  • All appliances
  • Lower deck furniture, refrigerator and storage cabinet

View the full listing here: C-18 Docko


For pricing information or to make an appointment, call Di Jourden
Office: 903-462-0721
Cell: 903-814-2107



Did you know …

The Island Restaurant typically goes through three 30-gallon buckets of fresh-fried tortilla chips every four hours while the restaurant is open.


Stay Safe in Summer Storms

Summer storms in Texas have the tendency to pop up out of no where. If you happen to get caught out on the lake, follow these tips to stay safe and weather the storm:

  • Don’t come back to the marina as this can be more dangerous to you and your passengers.
  • Position your boat on the leeward side of an island or land mass.
  • Anchor down and point your bow directly into the wind.
  • Program the Coast Guard hailing channel into your boat for emergencies. For Lake Texoma, that channel is VHF Channel 16. This channel can also give you an accurate weather forecast.


Once the storm has passed, you can make your way back to the marina and dock your boat safely.


Repel Snakes with Mothballs and Cat Litter

Got snake problems? Mothballs are a natural snake repellent! Grab some cat litter and mothballs and mix them together before heading back to your slip. You can sprinkle the mixture around the perimeter of your slip, or keep the mixture in a closed container and leave it inside your docko for two days.

This technique works due to the naphthalene ingredient the mothballs contain. In fact, this ingredient is frequently used in many commercial remedies. It irritates the creatures’ chemical receptors.

Moth balls can also be hazardous to pets and domestic animals. While using, keep them away from children. Also, remember to wear gloves and a respiratory mask when making your mothball and cat-litter mixture.

Learn more about effective snake repellents at pestkill.org

Playground Safety

Planning on bringing your kids to play on the new playground at Highport? Remember to keep these safety tips in mind for a fun and happy play date:

  • Always provide adult supervision to observe, intercede and facilitate play when necessary.
  • Make sure your children are age-appropriate for the playground. Typically playground equipment is meant for children ages 2 – 12.
  • Have your children wear close-toed shoes and loose-fitting, breathable clothing – especially for summertime play.
  • Be watchful of the temperature and keep plenty of water, snacks and sunscreen available.



This Week’s Improvements

Some of you may have seen new signs popping up around the marina. Throughout the summer, you will see more of this as we work to replace all signage at Highport.

In addition, the Breakwater project is moving along well – this $1.5 million project is approximately 20% complete! Protecting your boats is important to us, so for those of you who are at Highport this week, please be on the lookout for the breakwater crew and their continued progress at the entrance to the harbor. Please be extra careful when entering and exiting the harbor while the installation continues.


Remember, we are still hiring for both full-time and part-time positions. Bring your resume to 120 Texoma Harbor Dr. Pottsboro, TX 75076 or apply online.



At the Fuel Dock…

Need cups, tumblers, mugs, or thermoses that can handle the sun, spray and sand of life at Lake Texoma? We’ve got them all at the Highport Fuel Dock. Come in and outfit your slip with all the supplies you need to quench your thirst.