Highport Helm – April 13, 2016


It’s almost the weekend, Highport Family! Please take the time to read about our latest updates, events and this week’s featured slip!


Only 2 and a Half Weeks Until the BIG WEEKEND!

Highport Annual Customer Appreciation Event

Save the date for Friday, April 29 to kick off a jam-packed weekend including:

  • Members Only Customer Appreciation Night with Steel Drums – Friday, April 29
  • Flip Flop Foundation Crawfish Boil – Saturday, April 30
  • MarineMax On-Water Boat Show – Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1
  • Steel Drums will be back Sunday, May 1
  • Start off the boating season right and get out to Highport for a weekend of fun in the sun!


This Week’s Improvements

We are finalizing refurbishment of The Island Bar & Grill! We are also completing the removal of our old underground fuel system in preparation for the new above-ground system and lines. Lastly, we have completed the temporary breakwater project.

As always, if you have any questions about this progress, please don’t hesitate to call Christie or Jim – we’re here for you!


Featured Slip: ZJ-24 Improvement

Get easy lake access with:

  • 36×15 slip
  • 6,000 lb HydroHoist
  • Two refrigerators
  • Couch
  • Table with chairs
  • Mosaic table with chairs
  • Marine storage locker
  • Tube
  • Sink
  • Metal gate
  • Carpet / lights
  • 4×15 lower deck step down

View the full listing here: ZJ-24 Improvement

For pricing information or to make an appointment, call Di Jourden
Office: 903-462-0721
Cell: 903-814-2107



Dockline Series – How To Care For Your Docklines

Chafe is the nemesis of any line (good or bad). Although inevitable, it’s not uncontrollable.

In a permanent docking arrangement, the chafe problem is most chronic. First, chafe-proof your boat as you would childproof your home. Examine chocks, cleats, bitts, posts, and other hardware for rough edges. Next, consider how you lead the lines, being careful to avoid acute angles, which present opportunities for abrasion. Last, get defensive. Chafe protection can range from heavy cloth such as old blue jeans wrapped around the line at the point of contact to ready made chafe guards attached to the line where it passes through the chocks.

Research has shown that chafing material that doesn’t let moisture and air into the line can result in excessive heat buildup as the line moves back and forth within the material. Therefore, it would be important to avoid using materials that can do this, such as a plastic or rubber hose. TideMinders help avoid chafe where the line goes around the pilings. Whether you’re in your permanent slip, or just passing through, regularly check the condition of your lines for signs of wear. The investment in your boat could depend on it.

Stay tuned for future tips and don’t hesitate to call or email us to get your boat ready for boating season:



At the Fuel Dock…

Please join us in welcoming Hearth, Justin and Michael to our team at the Fuel Dock.

This will be Hearth’s 2nd year with us. Hearth will graduate High School this June and plans to attend A&M in the fall.

Justin started working at Highport painting around the Marina. He later worked on the water taxi and now we are excited to welcome him to the team as the Fuel Dock Assistant Manager. Justin currently attends Grayson college.

This will be Michael’s 3rd year with the Fuel Dock. When he’s not working here in the summer, he is a full time student at Austin College.

Fuel Dock Assistant Manager